Taking the Shot: A Short Guide to Improving Your Aim and Speed for FPS Gaming


The span of your life in a First Person Shooter can come down to a single click. If you’re an FPS gamer you know how important speed, reflex, and aim are to your overall gaming and fragging abilities.A single mis-click or missed opportunity can mean your life, and when your reflexes and aim are off point, you have no hope of survival. There are plenty of ways to increase your in game staying power however and below we’ll discuss just a few different techniques to improve your game and a couple different websites where you can hone your skills.Destiny-graphics
Staying calm in game and forgiving your own mistakes is an important part to perfecting your FPS game. Relaxing allows you to focus on incoming enemies and beat them to the punch, or the trigger pull, and win the game. When you are brought down by an opposition bullet however, it is important to not become frustrated, learn from, and forgive your mistakes to bounce back in game and achieve some frags. Staying calm also works on a scientific level. The more upset you become the more rigid your muscles and movements will become. This effectively slows down reaction time and makes it harder to aim and place shots well.

Allowing yourself to take in whats happening, learn from deaths, and put that knowledge to use while staying calm and collected is an imperative part in surviving and make quick, clean kills.
Keeping your cool and allowing for a learning curve in any FPS whether you play on a console or your PC is a needed part of playing well.


However, if you’re a PC gamer, perhaps www.aim400kg.com can help you with your speed and aiming abilities. With a multitude of different ‘tests’ in everything from exact aiming to press reaction, aim400kg can help you sharpen your accuracy, reflexes, and quickness.


These quick online flash games can give you an idea of just the areas of your game that needed sharpening while helping you sharpen them. aim400kg offers a fun and unique way to master your craft.
A plethora of gamers have different opinions on just what can increase your FPS gaming abilities and online forums like the ones at www.gamespot.com or www.unknownworlds.com are a great place to check out other gamers training regimes and get ideas to help you with yours. Almost everyone agrees though that playing two to three hours a day online and against bots is an important time requirement in whatever FPS game you choose to make your kills on. Putting in time the game you’re playing is an important part of becoming an unstoppable player.
In conclusion, everyone has different opinions on just how to improve your aim and speed in FPS games, but taking the time to learn the game your playing, learn your opponents, and perfect your skills in an absolute no matter how you choose to run and gun.


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