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Five tips for becoming a great First Person Shooter player

Not everyone can be good at FPS games. You need to learn some tactics to become a great FPS gamer. In the beginning, you will experience some embarrassing killing footage and misclicks. Slowly, you will learn from your mistakes. Here are some tips for you.

Learn the map

Map knowledge is important as it is going to tell you about the location of your power-ups, health packs, resupply of ammo, etc. For games like Call of Duty or Battlefield, the map will let you find out the enemy spawn point and also tell you where your teammates are.

Find a gun

You should select a weapon with which you are comfortable. You should use a gun that you like and smoothly handle. Stick to the same gun and try to master it. Get used to the play style and then keep on refining your technique.

Using blind spot

When you come across a blind spot, such as a corner, increase your volume. Listen so that you can hear is someone is approaching. If you know that someone is there, go all in and surprise your enemy.

Throwing grenade

The best time to throw a grenade is when you have your team with you. Only toss a grenade when you are sure that you can kill one of more people.

The target

You should target whoever is facing you first. It is not necessary to shoot the person who is closer to you. You should try to line up your targets so that after killing one you can move to your next targets.

Practice these tactics and soon you will become a master in this game. You should have the patience and concentration to improve your gaming techniques.

The top 4 FPS games of all time

The FPS games are popular for their three-dimensionality, violence, and the thrill. These games use virtual environment that maximizes a player’s potential to reach a state called ‘flow.’ According to psychologists, it is a state of happiness and presence. FPS has been around for many years now. Here are the tip 4 FPS games of all times.

Half-Life 2


It is one of the best FPS games according to originality. The effects are great, and you will completely immerse in these games. The environment that the game has created is fantastic. The plot line is great. The sound effects are superb. It feels terrifying, exhilarating, and real. Many people consider this game to be a masterpiece.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare


It is a fantastic multiplayer game. The guns in this game are fun to use, and there is no room for boredom. Many gamers think that the game has revolutionized FPS forever. It has set a new standard for FPS games.



There is a lot of thought put into the story, mechanics and atmosphere of it. It creates a surreal atmosphere, and you will feel like you have entered your dreams. The story is simply mindblowing.

Halo: Combat Evolved


Halo is famous for its story. The shooters are engrossed in the stories through the whole game. It has a deeper story than most other FPS games, and you are just dropped right in the middle of one of the high points in the story. Halo is said to revolutionalize console gaming. It introduced the two weapon system which works well for the game.

Many new FPS games are coming up, but gamers will always love this game. These games have raised the bar for FPS games.