How to Become Involved in Major League Gaming Tournaments


Your Nintendo is no longer the thought that comes to mind when someone mentions “Gaming.” Your GameBoy also is not thought of in the same situation. “Gaming,” is not a fancy new term for a baseball or hockey game. It is now a live online network of people who compete in games professionally. Online gamers have become so extremely prevalent and zealous they now have their own professional league, Major League Gaming. To some, it may not be considered a sport because of the lack in physical activity, but online gamers have persevered and made a pathway for themselves in a big way.

How do I get involved you ask? I thought you would never ask!

The MLG consists of teams going against one another in tournaments. If you are reading this passage then I assume you already have a favored game and console. Good, because that is the first step in enrolling. If not then I suggest searching for a game that speaks to you. One that you are not only good at, but also enjoy. After deciding on your game it is now your job to grab the attention of others. Make them look at you and think either I want to join this person or I want to stay on their good side.

How do you get all of this exposure when you are sitting comfortably at home?

OXON HILL, MD-OCTOBER 17: Thousands of video game enthusiasts attend  the Major League Gaming Pro Circuit Competition at the Gaylord Convention Center in Oxon Hill, Maryland on October 17, 2010. (Photo by Marvin Joseph /The Washington Post)
Excellent question. XBox Live has made exposing your talent extremely accessible. You literally have everyone in the world at your finger tips. Including the people you want to impress. Another thing to keep in mind, you may have been engaged in your game of choice for years, but it is imperative you learn the rules set by the tournament. It is one thing to be proficient at the game, but it is another to be proficient at the game while honoring their rules.

The online game world is like a trail run for you. Think of these as your tryouts. Although, before beginning you must conjure a team, and name a team captain. The team captain is the one with permission to invite the rest of the team into the tournaments. If you do not already have a team do not fret. There are plenty of people in your position, looking for team members who want into the tournament life. MLG Custom Forums has access to players you can add and invite to be a part of your team.

Once your team is established the next step is essential. Practice! Practice against other teams as much as possible. This not only helps with exposure, it also allows you to work out the kinks and wrinkles in your teams’ game plan.
To gain access to tournaments visit Active Tournaments to decide which you and your team desire to be a part of. As you successfully compete in these tournaments, you are catching the eye of very important people in the MLG.

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