Taking the Shot: A Short Guide to Improving Your Aim and Speed for FPS Gaming


The span of your life in a First Person Shooter can come down to a single click. If you’re an FPS gamer you know how important speed, reflex, and aim are to your overall gaming and fragging abilities.A single mis-click or missed opportunity can mean your life, and when your reflexes and aim are off point, you have no hope of survival. There are plenty of ways to increase your in game staying power however and below we’ll discuss just a few different techniques to improve your game and a couple different websites where you can hone your skills.Destiny-graphics
Staying calm in game and forgiving your own mistakes is an important part to perfecting your FPS game. Relaxing allows you to focus on incoming enemies and beat them to the punch, or the trigger pull, and win the game. When you are brought down by an opposition bullet however, it is important to not become frustrated, learn from, and forgive your mistakes to bounce back in game and achieve some frags. Staying calm also works on a scientific level. The more upset you become the more rigid your muscles and movements will become. This effectively slows down reaction time and makes it harder to aim and place shots well.

Allowing yourself to take in whats happening, learn from deaths, and put that knowledge to use while staying calm and collected is an imperative part in surviving and make quick, clean kills.
Keeping your cool and allowing for a learning curve in any FPS whether you play on a console or your PC is a needed part of playing well.


However, if you’re a PC gamer, perhaps can help you with your speed and aiming abilities. With a multitude of different ‘tests’ in everything from exact aiming to press reaction, aim400kg can help you sharpen your accuracy, reflexes, and quickness.


These quick online flash games can give you an idea of just the areas of your game that needed sharpening while helping you sharpen them. aim400kg offers a fun and unique way to master your craft.
A plethora of gamers have different opinions on just what can increase your FPS gaming abilities and online forums like the ones at or are a great place to check out other gamers training regimes and get ideas to help you with yours. Almost everyone agrees though that playing two to three hours a day online and against bots is an important time requirement in whatever FPS game you choose to make your kills on. Putting in time the game you’re playing is an important part of becoming an unstoppable player.
In conclusion, everyone has different opinions on just how to improve your aim and speed in FPS games, but taking the time to learn the game your playing, learn your opponents, and perfect your skills in an absolute no matter how you choose to run and gun.


PC Gaming: Is the Keyboard or Controller Most Prefered?


Over the last 10 years PC gaming has evolved significantly. In the world today you can game on a computer just as much, if not more, than a game console. If you can play on both then you may have the question of, “Why even buy the extra device?”

What is the difference between Keyboard or Controller gaming?


PCs are keyboard controlled where as games consoles are controlled by hand held controllers. Like I said, PCs have greatly improved themselves. With that being said, you now have the option to use a hand held controller with your PC. You may be thinking, “That’s great! What’s the problem with this evolution?” Nothing is wrong. In fact, it is great to have the option of both keyboard and controller. However, how do they compare?

When assessing comfort a controller may be more practical. Laying back in your chair or sofa is probably more preferred by everything considering the alternative, which is sitting up right in an ordinary chair. Nevertheless, when using a controller for long periods of time you begin to experience fatigue.

Your palms  may become sweaty and your muscles may start to cramp. In comparison, keyboards are not ideal for long periods of usage as well. Resting your wrists on the keyboard pad will eventually lead to Carpal Tunnel. Just as the controller, your body will cramp up. Where as the controller induced cramps resignate in your hands and arms, keyboard induced cramps are localized in your neck, back, and shoulders.

Which will give you a better performance?sshot5012abe4da2f2


Keyboards obviously have more buttons compared to a controller. Hence, you have quicker access to additional moves for your character. On the contrary, you can access these same actions with a controller. The downfall is you have to use pop-up menus to gain access to these abilities. In turn, it slows down your speed. With that being said, you have more speed when using a keyboard and mouse.
Unfortunately, most, if not all, PCs do not include a controller in their packaging. You must purchase them separately. In spite of that, if you choose to purchase a controller or two you now have the opportunity to play multiplayer. Keyboards do not have that option, no matter how many keyboards you own. A keyboard and mouse are typically always expected to be in PC packaging. If not then you might want to consider contacting your provider…

All in all, even though keyboards offer you extra gaming outlets, it would not do any damage to have a hand held controller on standby. For further assistance in your exploration of keyboard vs controller, feel free to check out the link I have provided. It is full of short reviews based on who prefers what and why.


How to Become Involved in Major League Gaming Tournaments


Your Nintendo is no longer the thought that comes to mind when someone mentions “Gaming.” Your GameBoy also is not thought of in the same situation. “Gaming,” is not a fancy new term for a baseball or hockey game. It is now a live online network of people who compete in games professionally. Online gamers have become so extremely prevalent and zealous they now have their own professional league, Major League Gaming. To some, it may not be considered a sport because of the lack in physical activity, but online gamers have persevered and made a pathway for themselves in a big way.

How do I get involved you ask? I thought you would never ask!

The MLG consists of teams going against one another in tournaments. If you are reading this passage then I assume you already have a favored game and console. Good, because that is the first step in enrolling. If not then I suggest searching for a game that speaks to you. One that you are not only good at, but also enjoy. After deciding on your game it is now your job to grab the attention of others. Make them look at you and think either I want to join this person or I want to stay on their good side.

How do you get all of this exposure when you are sitting comfortably at home?

OXON HILL, MD-OCTOBER 17: Thousands of video game enthusiasts attend  the Major League Gaming Pro Circuit Competition at the Gaylord Convention Center in Oxon Hill, Maryland on October 17, 2010. (Photo by Marvin Joseph /The Washington Post)
Excellent question. XBox Live has made exposing your talent extremely accessible. You literally have everyone in the world at your finger tips. Including the people you want to impress. Another thing to keep in mind, you may have been engaged in your game of choice for years, but it is imperative you learn the rules set by the tournament. It is one thing to be proficient at the game, but it is another to be proficient at the game while honoring their rules.

The online game world is like a trail run for you. Think of these as your tryouts. Although, before beginning you must conjure a team, and name a team captain. The team captain is the one with permission to invite the rest of the team into the tournaments. If you do not already have a team do not fret. There are plenty of people in your position, looking for team members who want into the tournament life. MLG Custom Forums has access to players you can add and invite to be a part of your team.

Once your team is established the next step is essential. Practice! Practice against other teams as much as possible. This not only helps with exposure, it also allows you to work out the kinks and wrinkles in your teams’ game plan.
To gain access to tournaments visit Active Tournaments to decide which you and your team desire to be a part of. As you successfully compete in these tournaments, you are catching the eye of very important people in the MLG.

Fallout 4 Guide

Fallout 4 is an incredible game that is engaging, full of action and complicated experience that make it all the more enjoyable. To play this game, you need to gather tricks, tips, guides and advice to help you maneuver the game with ease.fallout-4

For beginners, the fundamental thing you need to know is that the game takes place in a treacherous old world located outside vault 111. This latest version of post-apocalypse in Bethesda takes place in New England, Boston and Massachusetts and it also features the key player as a vault inhabitat struggling to survive in a wasteland full of radiation and sprawling with bandits, mole rats, mutants and scavengers. When playing the game, you should also expect to encounter munitions, friendships, combat, health, quests and tiny mole rats.Fallout-4-640x300

It is a thrilling game that will definitely offer you many hours of entertainment. Armours, companions and weapons function in different ways in level 4. Here is a guide to help you survive outside the vault.

These include


;• Watch out for famous enemies

• Do not underestimate the power of a melee weapon

• Search every building and watch out for snipers on the rooftop

• Be aware of ghouls and do not allow them to come close as they will slay youheader

• Be careful of every simple interaction because they have a wider-reaching impact

• Go to the Cambridge Police Station and finish the call to arms quest. This will make you a Brotherhood of Steel member and therefore, you can work for Knight Rhys and Scribe Haylen.

• Go to the weapons bench in the sanctuary and select two powerful weapons

• Plunder everything

• Reserve the power armour for major quests because its battery does not last long

• Choose quick menu over pip-boy because the latter is slow and can fast burden you.



There are twelve major Fallout 4 perks that crafty wastelanders cam maximize on. These include;

1. Locksmiths; save several perk points and use them to get a skilled locksmith you can help you pick locks

2. Sneak; make use of sneak especially at the highest level because it will help to stay out of sight of your enemies

.3. Action Boy/Girl; it allows you to resume action faster after depleting all your APFallout-4_Gameplay_1

4. Life giver; enables you to regenerate health slowly diminishing the need to search for food, water and meds

.5. Gun Nut; Mods gun hence increasing your damage output

6. Bloody mess; allows you create a bloody scene and injure more enemies with one shot

7. Toughness; this perk helps you minimize damage. It is the best to use if you can barely survive in the early hours. It is also cheap

8. Idiot savant; if you lower your intelligence you will gain extra XP

9. Ninja; works like a sneak and helps you hide from enemies

10. Cannibal; this perk will enable you to survive by consuming human flesh. It will make you carry or loot less food.

11. Strong back; ideal for the initial parts of the game before you learn how to make your own weapons. This perk increase the staff you can carry easily by 25% then 50%.

Five tips for becoming a great First Person Shooter player

Not everyone can be good at FPS games. You need to learn some tactics to become a great FPS gamer. In the beginning, you will experience some embarrassing killing footage and misclicks. Slowly, you will learn from your mistakes. Here are some tips for you.

Learn the map

Map knowledge is important as it is going to tell you about the location of your power-ups, health packs, resupply of ammo, etc. For games like Call of Duty or Battlefield, the map will let you find out the enemy spawn point and also tell you where your teammates are.

Find a gun

You should select a weapon with which you are comfortable. You should use a gun that you like and smoothly handle. Stick to the same gun and try to master it. Get used to the play style and then keep on refining your technique.

Using blind spot

When you come across a blind spot, such as a corner, increase your volume. Listen so that you can hear is someone is approaching. If you know that someone is there, go all in and surprise your enemy.

Throwing grenade

The best time to throw a grenade is when you have your team with you. Only toss a grenade when you are sure that you can kill one of more people.

The target

You should target whoever is facing you first. It is not necessary to shoot the person who is closer to you. You should try to line up your targets so that after killing one you can move to your next targets.

Practice these tactics and soon you will become a master in this game. You should have the patience and concentration to improve your gaming techniques.