Three real-life benefits of playing FPS games

Research indicates that playing FPS games has some advantages. They can affect a person’s mind and learning ability. Here are some of the major benefits of playing FPS games.

Improves brain function


FPS games improve a person’s learning skills and cognitive abilities. They have better hand-eye coordination. They do well in tests like spatial focus, spatial reasoning, decision-making and visual acuity. Gamers can apply these skills even in real world.

Improves visual attention


By playing FPS, people can have better visual attention. It will help them in real life activities like reading and driving. A study conducted on ten adults by the University of California, Berkeley has found that it is possible to cure Amblyopia (lazy eye) by playing Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault for 40 hours. It also improved their depth perception skills and spatial attention. Another study by Douglas A. Gentile of Iowa State University has found out that playing FPS decreases the level of errors for Laparoscopic surgeons.

Improves multi-tasking ability


With FPS games, you have to do a lot of things at a time. You need to be alert about your enemy; you need to shoot at the enemy in front of you, at the same time be careful that no one is coming from behind to attack you. This game improves a person’s multi-tasking ability.

A new study has indicated that people who play fast-paced video games have better vision, more ability to retain information and improved brain function. So, start playing FPS games and improve your cognitive ability.